6 Healthy Back to School Essentials Every Teacher Should Have in Their Classroom

6 Healthy Back to School Essentials Every Teacher Should Have in Their Classroom

It’s almost that time.  A new school year is right around the corner.  For kids, it’s a time for new challenges and opportunities.  It’s also the same for teachers.  They must have patience and understanding during the day, and then spend countless hours after school grading tests and reviewing work.  It’s often a thankless role, and an exhausting job at that.  To keep continuity in a child’s education, teachers need to stay strong both mentally and physically.

Here are six essentials that every teacher should have handy for their wellness as they head back to school.


We can’t see pathogens in the air, but these viruses, bacteria and fungi can spread through coughing, sneezing and even toilet flushing1. Airborne diseases are always a concern for teachers.  One natural antiviral method to help clean the air is through essential oils.  Tea tree and eucalyptus oils are known disinfectants2. Even if pathogens aren’t present, the indoor air quality is generally far worse than the air outdoors.  Teachers spend a lot of time indoors, and this could put their health at risk through the exposure to air pollutants3.  By diffusing these oils every morning before class (try a car diffuser for the drive to work), you’ll be adding another weapon in the arsenal against airborne diseases and air pollutants.


Schools are a great place to pass on knowledge, but it’s also easy to imagine how many germs are passed on just by touching door handles, desks and school supplies after an individual has touched their nose, mouth or eyes.  Most schools furnish hand sanitizers for their teachers, but even that’s not a full-fledged substitute for a good, old-fashioned hand washing4.

Washing your hands every chance possible is still a great idea for teachers, but it doesn’t have to feel like a chore.  Bring a high-quality soap in a small, travel size container along with a small bottle of lotion (try a natural lotion that has eucalyptus or lavender scent for relaxation and rejuvenation).  Now hand washing can feel more like a luxurious hand spa.  It will be something to look forward to during the day and it might even help reset your mood during those challenging days after little Johnny sticks bubble gum in Susie’s hair.


With everything involved with being a teacher, your digestion may not be something you’re thinking about – well, that is unless it comes up as a health class subject.  However, since 70% of your body’s immune system is located in the digestive tract5, a good digestive health plan will go a long way to maintaining your overall well-being.

Our recommended digestive plan includes a good probiotic supplement and Sovereign Silver’s Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol ™.

Probiotics are one way to balance the friendly bacteria in your digestive system.  They contain good bacteria, another name for live microorganisms that can be beneficial when consumed6 and may help boost your immune system* and help the body fight infections by lowering excessive inflammation7,8.

Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol may be your most effective weapon to maintain, sustain and support your immune system*.

When the below steps are used daily, many people will feel a difference in just 2 to 8 weeks.  Give it a try!

STEP 1: Day Time

2 tbsp. (1 oz.) Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol

2 tbsp. Pure Aloe Vera Juice

Mix together right before you take it on an empty stomach, 45 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner

For people under 120 lbs, half the dosage

STEP 2: Night Time

High-Quality Probiotic Capsules as directed on the packaging

Take before going to bed each night

Read more about the power of silver when combined with probiotics here


There will be ups and downs throughout the school year.  Some days you will see the children hit milestones in learning and other days you will second guess your ability to teach.  Having a positive affirmation calendar is a great way to start your morning.  There are many calendars to choose from so take some time in choosing one that is right for you.  Then spend a few minutes each morning to let the positive affirmation sink in.

After all, a positive affirmation a day may keep the teacher blues away.


Teachers tend to burn the midnight oil grading papers and reviewing lessons.  You may forget that you need to move those bones in order to keep healthy.  Women’s Health Magazine suggests that adults should have 30 minutes of exercise, five times a week, to keep fit9.  Easier said than done, right?  While you can’t bring a portable gym to class, a pair of sneakers and a yoga mat doesn’t take up much room.  On your break or during a free class, try rolling out the mat and get some yoga exercises in.  Physical activity helps reduce stress levels.  It also helps reduce anxiety and depression10.

Yoga doesn’t take a lot of space and it can be done almost anytime and anywhere, working around your schedule.  As the school year grinds on, your body and mind will thank you.


Because of the long, hectic work week, teachers can sometimes forget to drink fluids during the day.  Dehydration can lead to headaches, dry skin, dizziness, dry mouth and the feeling of being tired11.

According to Harvard Health, staying hydrated is critical in maintaining your body’s systems, including your heart, brain and muscles.  Fluids are responsible for carrying nutrients to your cells to keep you healthy.  They also flush bacteria from your bladder and keep you from being constipated12.

Since you may be confined to the classroom for most of the day, it is important to keep a high-quality water bottle at your desk so you can drink periodically all day long.  Harvard Health suggests 30 to 50 ounces a day to ward off dehydration13. Of course, not all fluids are created equal.  Pure, clean water is always your best bet.  Avoid caffeinated and sugary drinks (including energy drinks) as they can actually compound dehydration symptoms14.

A teacher’s job is never done.  The school year is an endurance run unmatched by few other jobs.  However, with a little effort, and a healthy plan in place, you can make this new school year your healthiest and happiest yet.



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