Our History

Our story begins in France in 1966. That’s when founder Stephen L. Quinto was looking for an alternative to chlorine-based systems to keep his swimming pool free of bacteria and algae. Through his research, Quinto was introduced to silver and copper ion generators. These worked well and allowed him to keep the pool clean and at a consistent temperature of 88°F year-round.

In 1997, one of Quinto’s colleagues shared with him some new information about colloidal silver. After a thorough review of the material, Quinto realized that the reason his pool water was kept pure was because the system was utilizing colloidal silver and copper. It also became clear to Quinto that what was being offered in 1997 as colloidal silver was essentially an elementary derivative of the same formulations that were widely used in medicine when he was a child. During that time, such products were in widespread use by medical professionals, but the technology had not evolved since. These realizations inspired Quinto to begin his journey in colloidal silver.

Quinto spent the next several years in research and development. He was eventually able to isolate silver into particles so small that they were almost indistinguishable – even under an electron microscope! The silver’s near-perfect dispersion represented not only a breakthrough in the science but also the ultimate refinement of the colloidal silver category. He sent his findings to various universities and professors who confirmed that he had created a colloidal silver so fine that it was highly effective even at dilutions of 150 ppb (parts per billion).

In 1998, Natural Immunogenics Corp. was founded, and in 1999, the company built its own laboratory in Miami. In December 1999, the family owned and operated business introduced Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol™ and the Sovereign Silver® brand to the U.S. marketplace. Two years later, Argentyn 23®, a derivative professional line based on the same technology, followed.

By 2005, the product line was the #1 selling silver supplement, according to SPINS. The brand continues to be the #1 selling silver brand in North America and is also sold around the globe in places such as Europe, Canada and the UAE.

In 2008, Natural Immunogenics introduced the world’s first Homeopathic Silver First Aid Gel, the topical form of its popular supplement product. Two years after that, the company expanded its facility and operation even further. Still, three years later, the company was again looking for a new home that would allow it to grow to its potential, and it relocated to a 32,000-square-foot space in Sarasota, Florida. In 2017, Natural Immunogenics acquired an additional 10,000 square feet of office and warehouse space to support further growth.

Always intended to be a multi-generational company, in 2009, Stephen passed the torch of leading Natural Immunogenics to his sons, Theo & Benjamin, who had joined the company 9 and 1 years prior, respectively. The brothers continue to this day to safeguard their father’s legacy by ensuring that the culture of the organization – family, passion and pride – remains unchanged as the organization grows.

Today, Natural Immunogenics is still family owned and leads the industry in the research and development of colloidal hydrosol products. The company operates out of its own custom, state-of-the-art, GMP certified facility and laboratory, where it continues to perfect colloidal technology. It is now focused on launching copper and gold colloids, as well as a range of topical products. The company continues to research, test and develop new products to serve a growing segment of the population looking for natural ways to maintain their health. All in an effort to help people achieve their own health sovereignty.