Myths about Silver

Less is More

Consider the difference between taking bio-active silver vs. a product with a high concentration of silver that is not bio-active. Imagine that someone gave you a key ring with 10,000 keys, but only one of them opened the lock on the door you need to enter. Now imagine that someone gave you a key ring with 1 key on it that worked. You’d have more keys on the first ring, but all but one would be wasted because they don’t work. Less is more.

MYTH: Colloidal silver should be yellow (AKA “true colloidal silver”).

Sand vs Gravel

The jars above are a great way to visualize the importance of particle size. How many “particles” are in the glass full of rocks? How many are in the glass full of sand? Obviously, there are more particles of sand in the glass on the left. Therefore, there are more particles available for interaction. How much more surface area is offered by the smaller particles? If talking about absorption, distribution and elimination, would the body have an easier time processing the rocks or the grains of sand? You need only your instincts to arrive at the correct answer.

MYTH: It’s better to make your own.

Ask yourself this:

Would you make aspirin in your garage and take it if you had a headache? You most likely prefer aspirin that was manufactured in a clean, regulated environment in order to guarantee the safest product with the best quality and efficacy.

NOTE: Sovereign Silver® has never been linked to a case of argyria. In fact, you can read an expert statement that makes clear why such a reaction would be functionally impossible to achieve with this product.

MYTH: A TDS Meter can measure the concentration of colloidal silver, including DIY colloidal silver.

Silver concentration must be measured by chemical analysis techniques, such as Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) or Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS), in combination with appropriate sample preparation protocols and instrument calibrations.

MYTH: Bottling colloidal silver in plastic is fine.

MYTH: All colloidal silver is the same.

MYTH: Colloidal silver will turn me blue. (Or: Silver is toxic.)

As with any medication or dietary supplement, the success of silver hydrosol as a supplement for Immune Support* depends on correct usage. The concentration of silver in our product is so low that one could safely* take 7 teaspoons every day for 70 years and never reach what even the EPA considers to be the lowest observed adverse effect level (LOAEL), a conservative minimum recommended amount. (Note: The EPA guidelines are based on an average adult weight of 70 kg or 154 pounds.)

Our low concentration and high percentage of positively charged silver ions are what make our silver products more effective than others. In our history, there has never been a documented case of our products causing any toxic reaction. 

MYTH: Colloidal silver is snake oil.

MYTH: Silver has no functional role in the body and no therapeutic value.

MYTH: Silver may harm my gut flora.

MYTH: “True colloidal silver” is the best colloidal silver.

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