FOR KIDS (4 years and older)



For best results, administer directly into your pet’s mouth. May also be used topically on the affected area.*

Peer reviewed literature demonstrates the safety of silver in animals at 2,000 times the EPA Reference Dose for humans (1), meaning Sovereign Silver For Pets can safely be given once daily for ongoing immune support*, and up to 7 times daily when needed for short-term support*.


Directions for adding Sovereign Silver to your pet’s water bowl: Simply determine the right dose of Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol for your pet’s weight using the chart on the box, label, or the table above, and add it to a little over one day’s water supply in their water bowl.

Directions for multiple pets:
Simply combine the weight of all pets sharing the same water bowl, and add a dosage appropriate for each pet combined into the shared bowl.
For example, your 25 lb and 75 lb dogs share the same water bowl, because let’s face it, they’d just drink out of the other one’s bowl anyway.
The 25 lb dog would need 1 teaspoon (or 6 droppersful) of Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol per day for Daily Support*, while the 75 lb dog would need 3 teaspoons (or 18 droppersful) per day. This adds up to 4 teaspoons of Sovereign Silver per day for both pets. Therefore, simply add 4 teaspoons of Sovereign Silver into the shared water bowl every day. For Immune-Building*, add 12 teaspoons of Sovereign Silver into the water bowl each day.

Warning: For pets under veterinarian care for compromised liver or kidney function, consult your veterinarian before starting any new health supplementation. Use caution when applying with glass dropper and do not insert glass dropper directly into pet’s mouth.

1 – L.A. Wilding, et al. “Repeated dose (28-day) administration of silver nanoparticles of varied size and coating does not significantly alter the indigenous murine gut microbiome.” Nanotoxicology, 2016.