What is PPM (Parts Per Million) and Why Should You Care?

What is PPM (Parts Per Million) and Why Should You Care?

When choosing a colloidal silver, many people are confused about what exactly PPM (parts per million) is and why it is important. PPM differs widely from product to product, and it’s a common misperception often exacerbated by a brand’s marketing that the higher the PPM, the better. Scientifically speaking, that’s not the case. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at PPM and why you should care about it when it comes to colloidal silver products.

First, let’s understand what colloidal silver actually is. A colloid is a solution consisting of tiny particles suspended in liquid, and in the case of colloidal silver, these particles are silver. Colloidal silver is a generic term that refers to silver dietary supplements marketed as “immune support”* and can go by several names, including true colloidal silver, silver water, ionic silver, structured silver, silver protein and silver hydrosol, among others. Please see a comparison table here for definitions and examples.

Of course, not all of these solutions are created equal. Colloidal silver encompasses a broad array of products and chemical formulations that have varying degrees of known safety* and efficacy*. Before you purchase any silver supplement for immune support*, you should do your research.

PPM refers to a unit of concentration, parts per million. It’s a way to quantify very low concentrations of substances. 1 ppm is equivalent to 1 milligram per liter, or 0.0001% concentration.

Here is when it can get confusing to many consumers. Our culture’s prevailing belief is that more is better. But when it comes to silver, a smaller amount of total silver (PPM) can actually have more beneficial bio-active silver. This is because science has proven that the positive charge of bio-active silver is what offers the positive effect in the body. It’s easy to remember: Positive Charge = Positive Effect.

One of the important distinctions of Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol from any other form of silver dietary supplement, or colloidal silver, is that it offers greater than 98% bio-active silver, the form of silver that offers silver’s benefit to the body*. No other silver supplement comes close to this level of bio-active silver. Other brands may show the total concentration of silver on their packages in parts per million (PPM), but they neglect to show the bio-active concentration, which correlates to the actual effectiveness* of the product.

These other products may offer higher silver concentration, but on average only deliver 13% bioactive silver. Therefore, Less is More because 10 ppm of Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol delivers greater than 98% bio-active silver. Again, what is not bio-active is not used by the body and becomes wasted silver, and wasted money.

Many manufactured colloidal silvers are purposely or inadvertently bound into neutral silver metal particles or compounds like silver salts and silver proteins. This is done primarily to cheaply achieve higher total silver PPM concentrations. However, throwing more silver into colloidal suspension (or dissolved solution, in the case of silver salts) does not necessarily result in greater benefits.

Higher concentrations of total silver can lead to increasing risks for toxicity. So, you want to look for a formula with the maximum bioactivity and thus lower concentration. Be cautious about products which claim to have incredibly high concentrations, in the hundreds and even thousands of parts per million!

When choosing a silver supplement for immune support, it should be tasteless, safe, pure and effective.* Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol is the clear choice and it is the #1 selling silver supplement in the U.S., outselling all of the other brands, combined. Add Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol to your daily routine and start your journey towards health sovereignty today!

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