SILVER MYTHS: 250ppm is 25x more silver than 10ppm

SILVER MYTHS: 250ppm is 25x more silver than 10ppm

Yes, 25 x 10 = 250…but when it comes to the efficacy* of silver dietary supplements, the form of silver matters!  Some Colloidal silver products have a high concentration of silver, such as a 250ppm or even a 500ppm of total concentration. They want you to believe that the more silver, the more potent their product.  It’s just not that simple (we wish it were as we’d just add more silver!). What they don’t tell you on the package is:

1)  How much of that high silver concentration is actually useful to the body – meaning it is in the bio-active form of silver that offers the immune support* benefits?

2)  If only part of it is useful, then how much of that product is wasted by the body (and your wallet)?

These are VERY important questions that should be CLEARLY answered before you choose a silver product. Not only do the answers directly impact EFFICACY*, but also SAFETY*!

Hang in here with us as we allow the science to explain.

250ppm of their product

25 x 10ppm of Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol

This math would only work if the amount of bio-active silver in both products was the same. Recall that the bioactive form of silver is the positively charged form, and that neutral silver metal particles provide no bioactivity.  We’ve tested over 200 competitive brands and verified by 3rd party that the highest level of bio-active silver we’ve found in other products on the shelf is around 13%! Most are less than this level of bio-activity.

Only when there is a conversion of the outermost layer of atoms on the surface of the colloidal silver particles can this silver potentially provide bioactivity.  We know from our high school science class that the smaller the particle, the greater the surface area – therefore, the formula with the smallest particles has the most bioactivity, and you don’t then need as much silver! Because all forms of silver are excreted from the body within just a few hours1, there is only time for part of the outermost layer to be converted. So larger particle sizes lead to wasted (unconverted) silver.

This is how Sovereign Silver’s 10 ppm at greater than 98% bio-active silver can be MORE than 250 ppm at less than 10% bio-active!

Sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words and this counter-intuitive math problem is one of those times.  Look at the difference in particle size between Sovereign Silver 10 ppm and a competitive brand at 250 ppm:

TEM images comparing 2 brand's silver particle size

TIP: Feel like getting your inner science nerd on?  You can see more products using our Comparison Tool and learn how to interpret TEM images of colloidal silver particles sizes for yourself here.

So even though we live in a world of “More is Better”, particle size directly impacts efficacy* – and LESS is definitely MORE when it comes to silver! Particle size also directly impacts safety*, and we will cover this in a future blog.  In the meantime, review what science tells us, ask questions of the silver brand you’re considering or using, and choose wisely.



  1. Bergin, I.L., et al., Effects of particle size and coating on toxicologic parameters, fecal elimination kinetics and tissue distribution of acutely ingested silver nanoparticles in a mouse model. Nanotoxicology, 2016. 10(3): p. 352-360.

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