Thanksgiving is a time when we stop to appreciate the people and blessings in our lives.  Although most of us are now attempting to adopt an ‘attitude of gratitude’ all year long, this is the season to gather together and express our thanks in an extra, special way.  There is so much to be grateful for and Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect upon for what we are most grateful.

We did that very thing and decided that we are especially thankful for our health sovereignty.

Health sovereignty is about taking full responsibility for one’s own health.  It’s the freedom to make choices about your health, whether that be the food you choose, the medicines you take, or the self-care activities for which you make time.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we are going to focus on how food and health sovereignty are related. While we all tend to cheat a little at the Thanksgiving table, there are ways to ensure that you keep some healthy choices in the mix.

Thanksgiving Healthy Eating Tips:

1) Fill up on soup – this can help you eat more slowly, and it may even reduce the number of calories you eat during your main meal.

2) Load up on veggies (the right veggies that is) – skip or go sparingly on the green bean or broccoli casserole and load up on raw or roasted vegetables instead.

3) Turkey is your friend – Turkey is actually low in calories, but it’s easy to over-indulge, so stick to a serving of skinless white meat about the size of a deck of cards or the palm of your hand.

4) Don’t leave room for sides – casseroles and starches are generally the highest in calories, sodium and fat. Keep portions of sides under ½ cup and maybe, just maybe, the button on your pants can stay intact.

5) Have “a little” dessert – We all know that dessert is one of the best parts of the Thanksgiving meal. We also know that sugar is one of the biggest villains when it comes to sabotaging a healthy diet. If you can’t “just say no” to dessert, a great rule of thumb is to have a “tasting” portion instead. Skip the ice cream and whipped cream and you should be able to walk away from the table feeling satisfied but not overly stuffed.

While healthy eating and thoughtful choices are important to making it through your Thanksgiving meal without doing too much damage to your healthy eating plan, THE most important thing you can do is take a moment to take a look around and be thankful for each and every person in the room. That’s the real reason to be thankful.

We also wanted to say “thank you” for being part of our Sovereign LifeTM Community. You are the reason we work so hard to provide safe*, pure and effective immune support* and first aid products for you and your family. Your stories inspire us and your dedication to your health (and the health of your children and pets) is what keeps us striving to do more, be better and up the bar when it comes to safety and science.

In short…WE are thankful for YOU.