One of the top questions customers ask is if Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol can cause skin to turn blue, as some colloidal silvers have been known to do.

The short answer? No.

If used properly, it will not cause argyria, the benign but undesirable condition of the skin turning it a shade of grey-blue which is permanent. Sovereign Silver is extremely safe* and non-toxic.

Argryia occurs with silver products which have impurities or are too concentrated. Any poorly manufactured colloidal silver can cause argyria, especially if taken repetitively in too high doses. But one of the most common causes is using homemade colloidal silver that has been made improperly. Without the use of sophisticated, expensive equipment, it’s impossible to accurately measure or monitor the silver particle size or concentration. It’s a risky venture that can bring serious regret, just to save a few pennies. (You would not take aspirin you made at home, would you?)

The reason Sovereign Silver is so incredibly safe* is because of the proprietary manufacturing process developed by Natural Immunogenics Corp. We have invested heavily in high tech manufacturing equipment in order to achieve the ultimate refinement of colloidal silver – silver hydrosol.

Our state-of-the-art trans-electron microscope (TEM) can verify consistency in our manufacturing and allows us to accurately evaluate competing products in order to always stay ahead. Manufactured under the strictest of cGMP standards, every single batch of product is put through detailed testing, validating our commitment to Quality. Years of intensive Research & Development have resulted in our company’s ability to produce unprecedented tiny particles, so there is more surface area overall. This makes Sovereign Silver the most bio-available* form of silver offered, thus eliminating the need for a highly concentrated product that has the potential to be toxic.

Because Sovereign Silver is a low concentration formula of 10ppm, you can be liberal with dosing (compared to other products which are far more concentrated). You can take up to 7 teaspoons a day for 70 years and never reach a level considered to be disconcerting by the EPA. In fact, there has never been one report of toxicity from anyone taking Sovereign Silver.

Stick with the highest quality silver available on the market, use as directed, and you will never risk looking like a blueberry!Shop Now