The content on this website is intended to help you make informed decisions and choices. We hope that once you are finished reviewing it, you will have a better understanding of colloidal silver and the science behind it. You may find that the information you are seeking is not on this website, and most likely that is due to the fact that there is a lot of information we can’t tell you, because of laws and regulations governing the dietary supplement industry.

Educating the public is so important to us, and therefore we designed our website to offer various “levels” to help you delve into the vast world of silver. You can read Silver 101 – about how silver has been used in history, the benefits of silver and its many applications, myths about silver, safety and toxicity, and so much more.

If you desire further understanding of the complex world of colloidal silver, we encourage you to explore our Knowledge Library. There you will find documented data and research – including hundreds of papers and citations from many industry sources – that together form a body of work that indisputably showcases the potential for silver in the matter of human health.

Our quest for perfection and understanding of colloidal science is a never-ending process involving ongoing research and development. We strongly encourage you to explore the library from time to time to read the latest data and research, or simply sign up to receive our newsletter!


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