It's part of the natural world around us, and even part of an animal's diet as a trace mineral found in whole grains, water, mushrooms and mammalian milk. 

Fights Minor Skin Infection

Reduces Topical Pain

Calms Skin Inflammation

Promotes Skin Healing

Supports a Healthy
Immune System

Boosts the Body's Innate Resistance to Pathogens

May Provide Relief for
Seasonal Allergies

Supports Healthy
Teeth and Gums


I've been using Sovereign Silver for at least 15 years now in my holistic veterinary practice. I appreciate its safety, versatility, ease of administration, efficacy, and reasonable pricing. Thanks for a great product!

Dr. Darla Rewers, Veterinarian

I've used your product for 10 years now and its FANTASTIC! I use it on my 90lb Akita. Every house should have this product. Thank you!

Rosa M.

Our family uses these products for everything and everyone. My 1 year old, my 3 year old, my dog.... so gentle and powerful. I highly recommend to everyone.

L Bridges