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Here, at Sovereign Silver, we undertake a constant exploration into the study of silver and other metals, especially as they relate to health and their myriad benefits. Our Research and Development Department studies ours, as well as other products, partners with scientists and other researchers to understand how these materials behave, and our Regulatory Affairs Division similarly keeps abreast of developments in the international regulatory arena, and maintains partnerships with regulators, policy-makers and working groups that form part of agency efforts to develop standards and precedents for regulatory frameworks for these materials.

We open up to our members one of the world’s most expansive and comprehensive databases of compiled literature focusing on silver, copper, gold and other metals. This database contains over 750 publications, and represents centuries of study and enquiry, of immeasurable hours and effort to understand every aspect of these metals, and the roles they can play in health and sanitation, in science and industry, and countless other aspects of our lives.

By no means is this a comprehensive database, and we welcome new contributions. Share a recent publication with us here, and access the full database by registering above.

Peer Reviewed Medical Literature Health, disease, efficacy, toxicity, absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, etc.

Scientific Articles Characterization, synthesizing, stability, nanoparticles, clusters, species and form, fate, etc.

Educational Publications Use in industry, manufacturing methods, uses, etc.

Government Publications Uses, studies, efficacy, toxicity, etc.

Other Publications Uses, history, etc.

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