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TEM images showing small and large particle sizes with a photo of Dr. Rob
  • By Dr. Robert MacCuspie
  • May 14, 2019

Particle Size Matters: Why Less is More

Dr. Rob demonstrates in this video how silver particle size matters in a fun way that even those of us who didn't like science class can understand.

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Self-Care on a Time Crunch
  • By Sovereign Silver
  • May 08, 2019

3 Unconventional Methods for Self-Care on a Time Crunch

Self-care often sounds amazing in theory, but the reality of creating time for yourself is often an afterthought at the end of a long day.

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dandelion made of silver particles
  • By Sovereign Silver
  • Apr 18, 2019

Where is Silver Found in Nature?

Did you know that silver can be found as a trace mineral in some of the natural foods we eat? Learn more about where silver naturally occurs in nature in this article.

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surreal image of a woman holding clouds
  • By Sovereign Silver
  • Mar 28, 2019

The Truth About Colloidal Silver Safety

With all the talk and misinformation about colloidal silver, many people question whether taking colloidal silver is actually safe.  In this article, we’ll discuss the do’s and don’ts of colloidal silver, and whether it can benefit you and your family.

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Picture showing Myths and Facts text
  • By Sovereign Silver
  • Mar 22, 2019

5 Little Known Colloidal Silver Facts

When it comes to colloidal silver, there is a lot of misinformation that people take at face value without doing the research.  In this article, we’ll separate fact from fiction and discuss a few of the most confusing myths about colloidal silver.

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Person standing with arrows pointing in different directions
  • By Sovereign Silver
  • Feb 25, 2019

What is PPM (Parts Per Million) and Why Should You Care?

When choosing a colloidal silver, is more PPM better? Let's start with what PPM is and why it matters to your choice in silver supplements.

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Confused girl with thought bubble saying "Colloidal Silver?"
  • By Sovereign Silver
  • Sep 05, 2018

What is Colloidal Silver?

What is colloidal silver and what's the difference between it and structured or ionic silver? When you begin researching colloidal silver, you may also hear and see some very bold (illegal) claims.  Be very wary of silver manufacturers making statements such as this – they are against the law.

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IMage of girl with thought bubbles "Safe?" and "Daily?"
  • By Dr. Robert MacCuspie
  • Aug 13, 2018

SILVER MYTHS BUSTED: Silver Supplements Should Only Be Taken As Needed

You can take Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol daily for optimal immune support*. This is NOT the case with other brands, and we caution you to know exactly what you are taking and whether or not it’s “safe” for daily ingestion.

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Image of wrecking ball going through a wall
  • By Dr. Robert MacCuspie
  • Jul 12, 2018

SILVER MYTHS BUSTED: 250ppm is 25x more silver than 10ppm

Some Colloidal silver products have a high concentration of silver, such as a 250ppm or even a 500ppm of total concentration. They want you to believe that the more silver, the more potent their product.  It’s just not that simple (we wish it were as we’d just add more silver!). What they don’t tell you on the package is

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