What is Colloidal Silver?

What is Colloidal Silver?

A Beginner’s Guide to This Much-Talked About Silver Supplement

For anyone who has tried to research colloidal silver, they are bound to receive more than a few mixed messages on the topic.  Some companies tout colloidal silver as a modern-day miracle that will “cure” just about anything.  You will also probably read a wide range of testimonials from people who swear by it.  On the other hand, you may also read warnings from health sites that colloidal silver doesn’t work and may even turn you blue or grey.

So, who and what do you believe? 

In this article, we’ll try to separate fact from fiction for this often-confusing subject.  First, let’s briefly examine how silver has been used throughout history.

The History of Silver

Prior to the introduction of modern medicine, colloidal silver was used as a germicide and disinfectant1. Other forms of silver have been used medically for many years as well.  Hippocrates wrote about using silver in wound care and medical applications have been documented throughout the 17th and 18th centuries2,3.

The wealthy used silverware in the Middle Ages to help protect against the plague, and other civilizations used silver utensils, dishes and drinking vessels to ward off disease-causing pathogens.  Silver can even render stored drinking water potable for longer periods of time4,5 and is still used in medicine to treat wound and burn victims6. Several brand name companies, such as Samsung, Kohler and American Standard, are even starting to utilize forms of silver in their products to combat bacteria, mold and mildew7.

Everyone knows what silver is, and it certainly would be nice to have a few silver bars stashed away for a rainy day, but what exactly is colloidal silver?

What is Colloidal Silver?

A brief definition; colloidal silver is a solution consisting of tiny particles of silver suspended in liquid.  Colloidal silver is a generic term that refers to silver dietary supplements marketed as “immune support”*, and can go by several names, including true colloidal silver, ionic silver, structured silver, silver protein and silver hydrosol, among others.  Please see a comparison table here for definitions and examples.

Of course, not all of these solutions are created equal.  Colloidal silver encompasses a broad array of products and chemical formulations that have varying degrees of known safety* and efficacy*.  Before you purchase any silver supplement for immune support*, it is wise to do your research.

Colloidal Silver Myths

Another myth you may hear is that all forms of silver can turn you blue or grey.  As with any supplement, the correct usage is important, as is the concentration level of the silver (see above).  Again, many colloidal silver products vary widely in concentration and purity. Even the environments in which they are manufactured can vary and aren’t guaranteed to be equally clean and compliant with federal or state regulations.  We cannot speak to the safety of other brands but what you can trust is that the concentration level, just 10 ppm, in Sovereign Silver’s Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol™ is so low that an adult can safely* take 7 teaspoons a day for 70 years and never reach what the EPA considers to be the lowest observed adverse effect level.†

Furthermore, there has never been a documented case of any Sovereign Silver® product causing a toxic reaction.  In fact, Sovereign Silver’s Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol™ is the only brand of colloidal silver to have received a Statement of Safety written by Dana F. Flavin, MD, BS, MS, Founder and Executive Director of CollMed ™.

For more myths about silver, please read this informative article.

Colloidal Silver Uses and Claims

When you begin researching colloidal silver, you may also hear and see some very bold (illegal) claims like that it can cure cancer, prevent colds and other specific illnesses.  Be very wary of silver manufacturers making statements such as this – they are against the law.  Sovereign Silver will not cross the line and break Federal  (FDA and/or FTC) regulations, thus putting at risk our ability to continue to make and provide our products to you. For more information why these unauthorized statements are illegal, please read The Silver Silencer:  The Truth Behind Why We Won’t Make Health Claims.

The Ultimate Refinement of Colloidal Silver

Sovereign Silver supplements are marketed under the general structure/function of “Immune Support”* and are the #1 selling brand of silver supplements for immune support* in North America.  In fact, Sovereign Silver which turns 20 years old in 2019 outsells all other silver products combined. Our custom lab is equipped with some of the world’s most advanced analytical equipment to test every batch of product during its manufacture and before it finds its way to the marketplace.

Read actual customer reviews about Sovereign Silver here or on our Facebook page and decide for yourself.

If you would like additional information about Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol, the ultimate refinement of Colloidal Silver, please browse SovereignSilver.com or contact Sovereign Silver’s Customer Care between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm EST, Monday through Friday, at 1-888-328-8840.

Our environment is ever-changing, and it can be challenging to maintain, sustain and support your immune system*.  Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Hydrosol is the silver product you can count on whenever you need extra immune support*.  Tasteless, pure, safe* and effective*, it is vegan, allergen-, gluten-, and GMO-free.  Give it a try and start your journey towards health sovereignty!



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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

† According to the EPA (CASRN 7440-22-4) daily Oral Silver Reference Dose (RfD) applied to 10 ppm, one may ingest 178,850 servings safely over 70 years.

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