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Thanks to you, we sure can!

In today’s blog post, we wanted to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude for your support and participation in April’s One Tree Planted campaign! Last month, we partnered up with OneTreePlanted.org to bring back the incredible power of trees to areas of deforested land.For every single bottle of Sovereign Silver sold in April, a tree will soon be planted.

Are you ready to hear the results?

(Drum roll please…)

You helped us plant a 12-acre forest! Amazing!

illustration of 12 acres represented as 12 football fieldsAdditionally, you made a positive impact on Florida’s terrestrial biodiversity, air quality and the well-being of Florida communities, animals and native plant species.

You also helped us decide where to plant this new growth forest.

In a Facebook poll last month, Sovereign Life Community members collectively decided that Florida would be the best place for us to focus our reforestation efforts.

In recent years, Florida has experienced disastrous wildfires, unprecedented outbreaks of southern pine beetles and has been hit by strong storms and hurricanes that have contributed to severe long-term damage to forest resources.

OneTreePlanted.org will focus on planting this new growth in areas that were once home to longleaf pine forests. According to OneTreePlanted.org, “Longleaf pine forests and savannas have been drastically reduced from an estimated 90 million acres to less than 3 million acres, largely due to urbanization and over-utilization.”hands holding dirt and a sprouting plantYour support will help our amazing reforestation partners replant and restore these important ecological areas that provide habitat to rare animal species like red-cockaded woodpeckers and gopher tortoises.

Every action, no matter how small it may seem, creates a ripple effect. Those good actions transform our own lives for the better and extend outward, in ever-expanding circles that positively impact our world.

Thank you for helping to create a positive ripple effect that will continue to expand in time!

Your Friends in Health Sovereignty,

The Team at Sovereign Silver

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