Natural health food stores are a type of grocery store that sells health foods, organic foods and local produce.  Typically, these stores offer a wider or more specialized selection of natural foods than conventional stores.  They usually offer a wide range of nutritional supplements as well.  A health food store truly is your local wellness connection.  In this article, we’ll examine why your local health food store should be your first choice on your path to health sovereignty.

We live in an automated society, one in which we can purchase goods and services from our home computer while lounging in our pajamas.  That’s great for a wide number of circumstances, but not necessarily when it comes to our family’s health.  Buying supplements online might save you a few pennies, but unless you’ve already done some extensive research, you might not be purchasing what’s right for you.  Your local health food store has experts that can help you face to face and will listen to your health goals.  While they are not medically trained, they often receive extensive training from top manufacturers, and are thus well versed in many areas of natural health, and can suggest items that will be most beneficial to your specific needs.

More often than not, a local health food store associate will show you to what will work best for you, not what is most expensive.  Unlike the bigger chains that will most likely not have a dedicated supplement department staff, your local health food store will have several – and the knowledge they offer may be the difference between selecting a product that is beneficial to you and a product that wastes your hard-earned money.

Just for fun, try talking to an employee at a big box store about the difference between d-alpha-tocopherol and dl-alpha-tocopherol and watch a blank expression come over their face.  By the way, a health food expert will immediately tell you that d-alpha tocopherol is a natural form of vitamin E and dl-alpha-tocopherol is a synthetic type that is less bio-available than natural vitamin E and only half as potent.  It’s also very possible that the big box store only sells the synthetic version of vitamin E because it has a higher profit margin.

Natural health food store associates are also happy to research a product for you if they aren’t sure about its properties, plus they can order specific products that they don’t necessarily have in their regular stock.  Most big name stores can’t or won’t do that.  It’s the take-it-or-leave-it philosophy that caters to the masses, not the individual.

Buying produce at a local natural health food store is usually better for you as well.  They offer a larger variety of non-GMO and organic produce, often locally grown.  Food grown locally by smaller farms tends to be grown with less (or no) pesticides than large, industrialized farms that ship mass quantities to the larger grocery chains.1 When produce is locally grown in season, the nutrient content is normally higher than a fruit or vegetable imported out of season.  Also, when produce is imported out of season, some types of fruits are picked unripe and artificially ripened with ethylene gas.

Sovereign Silver® has a store locator that can help you find our products at the very best natural health food stores around the country.  Stop in and introduce yourself to one of their employees and tell them Sovereign Silver sent you, as well as your health sovereignty goals.  They’ll be glad to see you and will appreciate your business.  You are sure to appreciate their expertise!