Valentine’s Day is a day celebrated by giving gifts, flowers and candy to someone special, or just by spending time with loved ones.  As children, we learned this tradition early on by exchanging cards and candy as part of our school activities.  February 14th is a day that lovers look forward to as the ultimate chance to express their affection for one another.  Only days after New Year’s Eve the hearts and candy start showing up in store aisles, and marketers understand that this holiday can be lucrative for their stores!

This year, Americans are expected to spend $30 billion for the holiday.1  Valentine’s Day marks the third largest holiday for the U.S. chocolate candy industry and we will spend $1.7 billion on candy alone. While a little chocolate never hurt anyone, a giant heart full of sugary treats could certainly be a gift that keeps on giving… especially to our bellies, thighs and hips.

While a big box of chocolates might sound like a nice gift (or maybe just a traditional one), one might consider a small box to share and choose something that contributes to a long healthy life…diamonds…nah…how about focusing more on giving the ULTIMATE gift of love…Health Sovereignty.

Health sovereignty is your right to take control of your own health and make the decision to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle…on your terms.  We’re here to help you accomplish that, whether you use our products or not, we invite you to join the Sovereign Life Community. We often send out great articles and news regarding immunity and overall healthy living. You’ll also be the first to know about our special promotions, product news, contests and so much more.

This Valentine’s Day, give the ultimate gift of love to yourself and to the ones you care about most: the gift of sovereign health.  And if you still want to throw in some candy to sweeten the deal, go for healthier options like dark chocolate – in moderation, of course!