We often overlook those who give up wealth and fame for a higher calling.  Dr. Decker Weiss is one such person.  Dr. Weiss was the first naturopathic physician to be on staff at a conventional hospital, Arizona Heart Hospital, as well as the prestigious Arizona Heart Institute, where he served a combination of ten years.  He is also the first naturopathic physician to be chosen as a fellow of the American Society of Angiology and owned a private practice for twenty years.  Dr. Weiss was named a “Leading Physician in the World” in 2012 by the International Association of Health Care Practitioners and the International Association of Cardiologists.  He is an author of “The Weiss Method”, a natural approach to heart disease and preventing heart attacks. He has given over a thousand lectures and has taught rounds in dozens of medical schools around the world.

A Greater Calling

So, what does a person like Dr. Weiss do for an encore?  In 2013, he sold his practice and joined a think-tank and research organization called Artis Research to help and support people living in zones of conflict and distressed areas of the world.  He realized his clinical practice was not fulfilling enough.  He wanted to heal the world.  Dr. Weiss then spun Peace Possible™ out of Artis Research.  It is the first non-profit medical group that provides care to refugees, disaster survivors, and the poor, as well as researches the underlying causes of radicalization, violence and PTSD in an effort to end the cycles of poverty and violence.  Dr. Weiss believes that war is as much a medical issue as a political or economic matter.  “I believe that the principles of natural medicine have as much to offer as political solutions,” said Dr. Weiss.

The Power of Natural Immune Support

young girl holding a bottle of Sovereign Silver for KidsOne of the natural products that Dr. Weiss always carries into war-torn areas is Sovereign Silver®. “Sovereign Silver helps to give these undernourished and impoverished children the important immune support* they desperately need due to the extreme stress and poor nutritional status they have suffered through their lives,” added Dr. Weiss.

Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Hydrosol™ is proud to support the efforts of Dr. Weiss and Peace Possible™ as they focus on natural methods to help support the immune health of these amazing children.

In just their first two years of existence, Peace Possible™ has diagnosed and treated refugees in Iraq and Jordan, orphans in Vietnam and Senegal, as well as those in the Dominican Republic that are caught in the cycles of poverty and violence.  Their plans for the near future include adding a clinic in Thailand and other areas of the world that suffer from some of the least medically served.  Through natural medicine and care, Dr. Weiss’ team is desperately trying to keep girls from returning to life as sex workers and boys from joining radical organizations.

Just because these children and families are half a world away does not mean they shouldn’t have access to natural, safe and effective products to enrich their lives and support their immune health*.  Dr. Decker Weiss and his team at Peace Possible™ are making that happen.  Sovereign Silver is honored to be part of their efforts.

Spread the Word

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