FTC Clamps Down on Free Speech…Again

Our mission at Sovereign Silver is to help you achieve Health Sovereignty, or the freedom to manage your health as you see fit.  This goes beyond providing you with the safest and most effective products for you and your family…sometimes it means taking action and keeping you informed when action is needed.

Our partners, the Alliance for Natural Health, have published an article about how “The legal claims that supplements can make are repeatedly attacked and restricted by federal regulators. This is a great situation if you’re a drug company selling expensive, dangerous drugs, but if you’re an individual trying to manage your health with cheap, safe, and effective natural medicines, you are being denied truthful information about the products you buy. This time, the FTC is banning truthful information about a supplement that can help with memory—even though the company, Quincy Bioscience, had a randomized controlled trial (RCT) to back up their claim.”  

Read the full article here, or click below to take action now!  Help protect the free speech of supplement companies!

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