Imagine this…you’re searching the web to find the best silver product for immune support*. You’re comparing Brands A, B & C. They ALL seem to say something different and often contradict each other. It can be very confusing.

This is why we have decided to rescue you… with the true SCIENCE behind silver! But how do you know whether to trust our science over any other brand? Ultimately that is up to you, but we can tell you that as the market leader in the Silver Supplement category with 63% of the market share, millions of consumers have chosen – and continue to choose – Sovereign Silver® BECAUSE of our science.

In this first article of our new series, Busting Silver Myths, we will address what color your silver product should be and why.

caution sign

Yellow is Your Caution Sign

Due to a scientific phenomenon called Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR), colloidal silver with large particle sizes will have a yellow/amber hue we can visibly see because they absorb visible light except for yellow wavelengths. Nanoparticles smaller than 5nm do not absorb light in the visible color spectrum, and therefore appear colorless.

So you might be asking yourself… “ok, so which is best, small or large particles…color, or no color?”


In the case of silver supplements… Smaller is Actually Better – which means that colorless is better!

Colloidal Silver is typically a suspension containing neutral (larger) silver particles, which give it a yellow or amber hue. Large particles of silver in most colloidal silvers offer less surface area (less available for the body to actually be able to use) and are harder for the body to absorb, process and eliminate. The risk in this is that neutral silver particles must be excreted, increasing the risk of toxicity. Colloidal silver can also have as little or less than 13% bio-active silver.

On the other hand, Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol™ is significantly different from colloidal silver because it packs a 1-2 punch with greater than 98% bio-active silver ions and silver nanoclusters. Sovereign Silver features an unprecedented particle size as small as 0.8 nanometers, verified by 3rd party, all in the most uniform dispersion. No other silver can prove the same, and we’ve compared over 200 brands since 1999!

If you have questions or concerns about particle size then checkout our next article in this Busting Silver Myths Series.


The Science Speaks For Itself

(This is the really interesting part and brings up several questions that you really should be asking if using other silver brands. Ask for the scientific proof!)

TEM image showing particle sizeThese images were all taken at 110,000x magnification. Black areas and spots in the images on the right represent large silver particles. By contrast, compare this to the much smaller particle size and fine, uniform dispersion of the Sovereign Silver sample on the left.

Keep in mind that the smaller the particle size, the easier it is for the body to absorb and eliminate – and that silver can only be converted to bioactive forms at the surface of a particle, hence the smaller the size the better.


So remember,

Yellow Color = Large Particles = LOWER EFFICACY & WASTED SILVER!

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