Colloidal silver. What does “colloidal” really mean? Are all colloidal silvers the same?

The term colloidal simply means it is a liquid with particles. Colloidal silver means it is a liquid with a suspension of silver particles plus silver ions. Despite the common term colloidal, the products are all very different, with varying particle sizes, charge and purity. The ratio of each can vary widely, and that variation determines quality and efficacy.

You may have heard the marketing term “true colloidal silver.” Like the overused word “natural” on food packaging, “true” has no scientific definition and is therefore meaningless. Like the word “natural,” it gives the appearance of being superior, when really it is misleading because there is nothing special about it.

Colloidal silver may have impurities and a wide variation of particle sizes, making it difficult to predict at what dose it is potentially toxic. Colloidal silver made at home is the worst example, as it is the type most likely to cause skin discoloration.

Silver Hydrosol
Sovereign Silver, silver hydrosol, is different from colloidal silver. It may be found on the shelf next to other colloidal silver brands, but technically, it is Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol. Unlike the generic term colloidal, there are specific definitions which describe its superior qualities.

What is Hydrosol?
A hydrosol is a liquid version of an ingredient which has been solubilized into microscopic particles and suspended in water (and is therefore water soluble). The silver particles in Sovereign Silver are solubilized to smaller than 1 nanometer (one billionth of a meter, or 100,000X smaller than the diameter of a human hair). Therefore the silver is evenly distributed throughout the suspension.

What is Bio-Active?
Bio-Active means that positively charged ions and nanoparticles (a.k.a. extremely small colloids) are more energetic and active, making them more effective for their purpose. Most colloidal silver products have much lower ratios of positively charged particles and are therefore less effective than Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol which is >98% bio-active!

Sovereign Silver
Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol is a much more specific way to define Sovereign Silver, as compared to the generic term “colloidal.” We have invested in the high tech equipment required to ensure that the high standards of Sovereign Silver are maintained.